image Food Establishment Inspection Report
Pursuant to Title 25-A of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations
Health Regulation and Licensing Administration    Food Safety & Hygiene Inspection Services Division    899 North Capitol Street, NE   Washington, DC 20002      email:
Establishment Name  ASIA NINE BAR AND LOUNGE
Address  915 E ST NW
City/State/Zip Code  WASHINGTON, DC 20004
 (202) 629-4355
 E-mail address
Date of Inspection
    Time In
PM     Time Out
License Holder  Centerpoint Nine Inc
License/Customer No.  09313xxxx-70109808
License Period
 Type of Inspection
Establishment Type:  Restaurant Total
    Risk Category 1
Priority Violations  2 COS  1 R  0
Priority Foundation Violations  1 COS  1 R  0
Core Violations  12 COS  7 R  0
Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)
CFPM #:  FS-90662 

CFPM Expiration Date:   12/02/2022  
D.C. licensed trash or solid waste contractor:
 Allied Waste Service 
D.C. licensed sewage & liquid waste transport contractor:
 Valley Proteins, Inc. 
D.C. licensed pesticide operator/contractor:
 Primax Pest Prevention 
D.C. licensed ventilation hood system cleaning contractor:
 U.S. Filter, Inc. 
  Compliance Status COS R
IN OUT 1. Person in charge present, demonstrates knowledge, and performs duties
IN OUT 2. Certified Food Protection Manager
  Employee Health  
IN OUT 3. Management, food employee, and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities, and reporting
IN OUT 4. Proper use of restriction and exclusion
IN OUT 5. Procedures for responding to vomiting and diarrheal events
  Good Hygienic Practices  
IN OUT N/O 6. Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use
IN OUT N/O 7. No discharge from eyes, nose, and mouth
  Control of Hands as a Vehicle of Contamination  
IN OUT N/O 8. Hands clean and properly washed
IN OUT N/A N/O 9. No bare hand contact with RTE foods or a pre-approved alternate procedure properly allowed
IN OUT 10. Adequate handwashing sinks properly supplied and accessible
  Approved Source  
IN OUT 11. Food obtained from approved source
IN OUT N/A N/O 12. Food received at proper temperature
IN OUT 13. Food in good condition, safe, and unadulterated
IN OUT N/A N/O 14. Required records available: shellstock tags, parasite destruction
  Protection from Contamination  
IN OUT N/A 15. Food separated and protected
IN OUT N/A 16. Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized
IN OUT 17. Proper disposition of returned, previously served, reconditioned, and unsafe food
  Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food)  
IN OUT N/A N/O 18. Proper cooking time and temperatures
IN OUT N/A N/O 19. Proper reheating procedures for hot holding
IN OUT N/A N/O 20. Proper cooling time and temperature
IN OUT N/A N/O 21. Proper hot holding temperatures
IN OUT N/A 22. Proper cold holding temperatures
IN OUT N/A N/O 23. Proper date marking and disposition
IN OUT N/A N/O 24. Time as a public health control: procedures and records
  Consumer Advisory  
IN OUT N/A 25. Consumer advisory provided for raw or undercooked foods
  Highly Susceptible Populations  
IN OUT N/A 26. Pasteurized foods used; prohibited foods not offered
IN OUT N/A 27. Food additives: approved and properly used
IN OUT N/A 28. Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used
  Conformance with Approved Procedures  
IN OUT N/A 29. Compliance with variance, specialized process, and HACCP plan
  Compliance Status COS R
  Safe Food and Water  
IN OUT N/A 30. Pasteurized eggs used where required
IN OUT 31. Water and ice from approved source
IN OUT N/A 32. Variance obtained for specialized processing methods
  Food Temperature Control  
IN OUT 33. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control
IN OUT N/A N/O 34. Plant food properly cooked for hot holding
IN OUT N/A N/O 35. Approved thawing methods used
IN OUT 36. Thermometers provided and accurate
  Food Identification  
IN OUT 37. Food properly labeled; original container
  Prevention of Food Contamination  
IN OUT 38. Insects, rodents, and animals not present
IN OUT 39. Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, and display
IN OUT N/A 40. Personal cleanliness
IN OUT 41. Wiping cloths: properly used and stored
IN OUT N/A N/O 42. Washing fruits and vegetables
  Proper Use of Utensils  
IN OUT 43. In-use utensils: properly stored
IN OUT 44. Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried, and handled
IN OUT 45. Single-use/single-service articles: properly stored and used
IN OUT N/A 46. Gloves used properly
  Utensils, Equipment, and Vending  
IN OUT 47. Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used
IN OUT 48. Warewashing facilities: installed, maintained, and used; test strips
IN OUT 49. Nonfood-contact surfaces clean
  Physical Facilities  
IN OUT 50. Hot and cold water available; adequate pressure
IN OUT 51. Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices
IN OUT 52. Sewage and waste water properly disposed
IN OUT 53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, and cleaned
IN OUT 54. Garbage and refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
IN OUT 55. Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean
IN OUT 56. Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used
IN = in compliance OUT = not in compliance N/O = not observed
N/A = not applicable COS = corrected on-site R = repeat violation
Establishment Name  ASIA NINE BAR AND LOUNGE    Establishment Address  915 E ST NW
3. - The establishment did not provide proof of an employee health policy for the prevention of foodborne illness. (Correct Violation Within 14 Calendar Days)  300.1 The licensee shall require food employees and conditional employees to report to the person in charge, in accordance with this Section, information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food.  
10. - There is no handwashing signage at the handwashing sink at the bar. A handwashing sign was provided. (Corrected On Site)  3004.1 A sign or poster that notifies food employees to wash their hands shall be provided at all handwashing sinks used by food employees and shall be clearly visibly to food employees.  
14. - There is no current parasite destruction letter. (Correct Violation Within 14 Calendar Days)  904.2 If the fish are frozen by a supplier, a written agreement or statement from the supplier stipulating that the fish supplied are frozen to a temperature and for a time specified in Section 903 may substitute for the records specified in Section 904.1.  
15. - Raw eggs are stored above fruit in the walk-in refrigerator. The eggs were moved to a lower shelf and stored properly. (Corrected On Site)  802.1(a)-(b) Food shall be protected from cross contamination by: (a) Except as specified in Section 802.1(a)(3), separating raw animal foods during storage, preparation, holding, and display from: (1) Raw ready-to-eat food including other raw animal food such as fish for sushi or molluscan shellfish, or other raw ready-to-eat food such as fruits and vegetables; P and (2) Cooked ready-to-eat food. P  
28. - There is an unlabeled plastic spray bottle containing a clear solution of a cart. The bottle was labeled. (Corrected On Site)  3302.1 Working containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materials, such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. Pf  
29. - The pH logs are not signed or initialed. (Correct Violation Within 5 Calendar Days)  4205.1 For a food establishment that is required in Sections 4202 and 4203 to have a HACCP Plan, the plan and specifications shall indicate: (a) A categorization of the types of potentially hazardous foods (time/ temperature control for safety foods) that are specified in the menu including, but not limited to, soups and sauces, salads, and bulk, solid foods such as meat roasts or other foods that are specified by the Department; Pf (b) A flow diagram by specific food or category type identifying critical control points and providing information on the following: (1) Ingredients, materials, and equipment used in the preparation of that food; Pf and (2) Formulations or recipes that delineate methods and procedural control measures that address the food safety concerns involved; Pf (c) A food employee and supervisory training plan that addresses food safety concerns involved; Pf (d) A statement of standard operating procedures for the plan under consideration, including clearly identifying: (1) Each critical control point; Pf (2) The critical limits for each critical control point; Pf (3) The method and frequency for monitoring and controlling each critical control point by the food employee designated by the person in charge; Pf (4) The method and frequency for the person in charge to routinely verify that the food employee is following standard operating procedures and monitoring critical control points; Pf (5) Actions to be taken by the person in charge if the critical limits for each critical control point are not met; Pf and (6) Records to be maintained by the person in charge to demonstrate that the HACCP Plan is properly operated and managed; Pf and (e) Additional scientific data or other information, as required by the Department, supporting the determination that food safety is not compromised by the proposal. Pf  
36. - Thermometers are located in the rear of the refrigeration units. The thermometers were moved to the front of the units. (Corrected On Site)  1524.1 In a mechanically refrigerated or hot food storage unit, the sensor of a temperature measuring device shall be located to measure the air temperature in the warmest part of a mechanically refrigerated unit and in the coolest part of a hot food storage unit.  
37. - There are unlabeled plastic squeeze bottles of oils and sauces at the sushi bar and kitchen. The bottles were labeled. (Corrected On Site)  803.1 Working containers holding food or food ingredients that are removed from their original packages for use in the food establishment, such as cooking oils, flour, herbs, potato flakes, salt, spices, and sugar shall be identified with the common name of the food, except that containers holding food that can be readily and unmistakably recognized, such as dry pasta, need not be identified.  
39. - There are containers of food on the walk-in freezer floor. The containers were placed on the shelves. (Corrected On Site)  816.1 Except as specified in Sections 816.2 and 816.3, food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food: (c) At least fifteen centimeters (15 cm) or six inches (6 in.) above the floor.  
40. - The sushi chef is wearing a bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet was removed. (Corrected On Site)  406.1 Persons working in direct contact with food, clean equipment and utensils, or unwrapped single-service and single-use articles shall not wear jewelry, including medical information jewelry on their arms or hands, except for a plain ring such as a wedding band.  
41. - Wet wiping cloths are resting on the sushi station cutting board. The cloths were placed in sanitizing solutions. (Corrected On Site)  812.2 Cloths that are in-use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces shall be: (a) Held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration specified in Section 1813; and (b) Laundered daily as specified in Section 2101.4.  
51. - There is no air gap beneath the spray hose at the garbage disposal uni. (Correct Violation Within 5 Calendar Days).  2403.1 An air gap between the water supply inlet and the flood level rim of the plumbing fixture, equipment, or nonfood equipment shall be at least twice the diameter of the water supply inlet and may not be less than twenty-five millimeters (25 mm) or one inch (1 in). P  
53. - The toilet room doors are propped open. The doors were closed. (Corrected On Site)  3208.1 Toilet room doors as specified in Section 2911 shall be kept closed except during cleaning and maintenance operations.  
53. - The women's toilet room does not have a covered receptacle for the disposal of feminine hygiene products. (Correct Violation Within 14 Calendar Days)  2707.1 A toilet room used by females shall be provided with a covered receptacle for feminine hygiene products.  
62. - A current inspection report is not posted in a location that is conspicuous to consumers. (Correct Violation Within 14 Calendar Days)  4310.2 The licensee shall post a current license, valid Certificate of Occupancy, and a current inspection reports in a location within the food establishment that is conspicuous to consumers as specified in Section 4306.3.  
 Item/Location Temp  Item/Location Temp  Item/Location Temp  Item/Location Temp
(Walk-in Freezer) 3.0F Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - Sushi bar) 109.0F (Refrigerator - sushi display) 37.0F Octopus (Refrigerator - sushi display) (Cold Holding) 37.0F
Salmon (Refrigerator - sushi display) (Cold Holding) 38.0F Tuna (Refrigerator - sushi display) (Cold Holding) 38.0F (Walk-in Refrigerator) 45.0F Tuna (Walk-in Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 40.0F
Raw Shrimp (Walk-in Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 40.0F Raw Chicken (Walk-in Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 41.0F Tuna (Walk-in Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 40.0F Salmon (Walk-in Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 38.0F
(Walk-in Refrigerator) 39.0F Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - toilet/male) 111.0F Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - Dishwash area) 136.0F Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - Cook Line) 113.0F
Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - Cook Line) 124.0F Rice - Sushi (Rice Steamer) (Holding) 97.0F Miso Soup (Soup Warmer) (Hot Holding) 155.0F Hot Water (3-compartment sink) 121.0F
Hot Water (3-compartment sink) 112.0F Hot Water (Handwashing Sink - Bar) 118.0F Duck (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 41.0F Raw Beef (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 40.0F
Beef (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 41.0F Raw Chicken (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 39.0F Scallops (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 40.0F Raw Shrimp (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 33.0F
Raw Beef (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 31.0F Diced Tomatoes (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 41.0F (Under-counter Refrigerator) 42.0F (Under-counter Refrigerator) 42.0F
Raw Shrimp (Under-counter Refrigerator) (Cold Holding) 33.0F (Under-counter Refrigerator) 34.0F (Display Refrigerator) 38.0F    
Inspector Comments:
Correct cited violations within 5 calendar-days.

Correct cited violations within 14 calendar-days.

If you have any questions, please contact the area supervisor by emailing with your inquiry details.
DC Health does not assign a grade, percentage, or rating for establishment inspection reports. We perform a pass-fail inspection. The amount of Priority, Priority Foundation, and Core violations are tallied at the top of each inspection report. DC Health also performs follow up inspections to ensure the violations which were cited on the initial report have been corrected. To view an establishment's inspection report, follow this link:
  Dulyaphark Wannakul 11/04/2020
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    Ivory Gene Cooper 056  11/04/2020 
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